No.1 F3, a wearable that doesn’t need charging!

One of the big issues with wearables is the fact they usually need to be charged on a regular basis so that you can continue to use them. Advanced wearables such as Android Wear devices need to be charged daily usually while less feature packed options like Xiaomi’s Mi Band only need to be charged once every 30 days.

No.1 though has created a wearable that runs of a single CR2450 battery that can last a full year of use meaning that you don’t ever need to charge the wearable.

No.1 call this, their latest watch, the No.1 F3 and like their similar products, this watch has basic fitness features while retaining a stylish and sporty design.

The F3 packs a luminous display for easy viewing day or night and is waterproof to 30 meters so that you can continue to wear the F3 even if you go swimming.

Smart features include Bluetooth connectivity, call alerts, message notification and camera remote, but the fitness feature are the ones that will interest most customers, and they include a pedometer, distance counter, calorie tracker, UV monitor, temperature, etc. Of course, you can also tell the time and set alarms too.

The stylish watch is also compatible with Fundo app, so you can keep track of fitness goals via your smartphone.

At this point in time we don’t know what the price of the No.1 F3 is going to be, however, the brand has added a product page to their website and also put together this short video;

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