Xiaomi Mi6 Silver Edition will probably never go on sale

Xiaomi introduced their 2017 flagship, the Mi6 in three color variants, Blue, Black and White. The Xiaomi Mi6 was also expected to come in a Silver Edition which was spotted during the announcement of the smartphone. But there has been no indication whether this variant will ever see the light of day.

The Marketing Director of Xiaomi, Zang Zhiyuan confirmed that the Silver variant will not be on sale anytime soon.

What’s interesting, is that the statement came after a Silver variant of the Mi6 popped up for auction online. The starting price was at 3999 Yuan($585). Now in regards to this auction, Zing Zhiyuan stated that the process of manufacturing the silver variant is very complex. Xiaomi is still trying to perfect the manufacturing of the Silver variant. The Silver variant is an engineering device and that it is a Xiaomi asset and Xiaomi has a right to pursue legal action against the seller as well as the buyer.

Many media houses and consumers are claiming that’s silver variant was nothing but a marketing strategy to attract more consumers to the Xiaomi Mi6. But it might also be a genuine problem Xiaomi might be facing. There is a very slim chance of the silver variant being released to the public. But you never know! Watch this space for more!

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