Zeblaze release more information about the Muscle

zeblaze muscle

The Zeblaze Muscle is an all new genre or rugged wearable device, today we receive more details about this innovative wearable.

Last week Chinese wearable maker, Zeblaze, announced that they planned to release a new wearable designed for the customer who prefers life in the outdoors. This new smart watch will be one of the first rugged wearables we’ve seen from a Chinese manufacturer and is already proving to be a popular product.

zeblaze muscle

Now a week on from the original announcement, Zeblaze has come to us again but with more details about what this innovative product will have to offer once on sale.

zeblaze muscle

As we can see from the design of the watch, the Zeblaze Muscle is designed for rugged use and to help you in your adventures a few neat features have been designed in. One feature is the ability to tell you when the sun will rise or set so that you don’t get caught out in the dark. If you do venture out in the night then you’ll still be able to use your Muscle as it comes with a green backlight.

zeblaze muscle

Another feature unique to the new Zeblaze is something that the company calls a Muscle Log. This is basically a summary of all the information the watch gathers during the day to make your life a little easier.

The type of information the Zeblaze Muscle gathers includes the temperature, ultraviolet light information, altitude, air pressure, walking distance, the number of steps and you current location.

The final important detail is compatibility with the FunDoBracelet application. This application allows the Muscle to sync with your smart phone and update information on the fly. Once connected to your phone you will also be able to remotely control the camera and answer phone calls too.

We’re still waiting on the final launch details and pricing, but once we have those details you’ll be the first to know.

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