Chuwi LapBook Air Thinnest Laptop Coming Soon

Chuwi LapBook Air Thinnest Laptop Coming Soon


Chuwi are apparently working on their next big hit, a super thin MacBook-inspired laptop, namely called Chuwi Lapbook Air. The company has revealed few info about the device, so that’s all we can report until we learn more about it; keep reading!

Let’s begin with the design, which where we can safely assume somebody could mistake it for a MacBook if it weren’t for the Chuwi logo on the back of the display. The logo itself is even backlight as is the keyboard on the front, allowing you to comfortably use it at night without much effort.

The LapBook Air will be super thin at 6mm of thickness, we assume that’s in the thinnest point, still that’s really slim for any laptop. The device will sports a big 14.1-inch display encased in the full metal body with a total weight of only 1.3Kg.

The company says the metal frame of the laptop has been polished to feel just like a MacBook or a Surface laptop, plus it’ll also have a nice screen-to-body ratio thanks to the really slim bezels around the display. The display will be using an LCD panel and it’ll be laminated to bring more vibrant and accurate colors.

Learn more about the Chuwi LapBook Air or other Chuwi products on their official website.

We are really looking forward to hear more about the laptop, are you guys with us?

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    Laptop means a portable PC , right ?

    • NextHype

      means you can sit and use it on the top of your legs
      like a lapdance
      but done by a computer that can’t dance

      • Muhammad Yasir

        haha … nice

        what i meant was that they are going to use a Mobile CPU in the laptop right ?

        none of that stupid tablet CPU stuff ?

        • NextHype

          Tabs and laptops use same SoCs. Apollo lake for entry lvl, Core M medium lvl and i5 – i7 hi.
          This one will probably be an Apollo lake one.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i am YET to see a tab with an i5 or i7 … are you sure that PC Laptops SHARE their CPUs with Table SOCs ?!

            • NextHype

              Microsoft Samsung Lenovo etc… Are selling i5 tabs since 2015. If you’re thinking of budget tabs brands from China, they don’t sell those expensive devices BTW.

            • Muhammad Yasir

              damn … need budget tabs which can run PC games !

            • NextHype

              You’re delusional. PC games are developped to use the latest Nvidia / ATI hardware, it’s structural for this business : why would people buy $200 gfx cards if they can play a game with a $200 tab / laptop ?

              If you really wanna play games on a budget laptop, you can play android games, oldschool PC games (check GoG), or console/arcades games with emulator. That’s a shitload of free fun.

            • Muhammad Yasir

              damn you’re harsh … calling someone delusional

              there’s no crime in dreaming !

              Nintendo said their SNES games would require a NASA supercomputer to run … and look where they are now

              your financial perspective is sound, i agree with that


              don’t stay locked inside the box

              learn to think outside of it

            • NextHype

              That was meant as a smiley-less joke. You’re not delusional. Even if you were, I’m not your psychiatrist ^^

              To think out of the box you have to know the boundaries of the box. These boundaries are dictated by the way the business work, as money is the drive for any technology. Business segmentation of devices offer is key to understanding what a device can or can’t do, as well as planned obscolecence is key to understanding a product lifespan.

              You’ll never be able to play AA games on a budget portable device. Period.

              But… you can find sub $600 portable devices with an i5 and Nvidia chipset that can run AA games in 720p low/medium GFX. Like first gen Xiaomi Air 13.

            • Muhammad Yasir

              i’m not delusional and i don’t need a psychiatrist … thanks but no thanks for your opinion, not needed and is borderline condescending

              as for the discussion, let’s see how the market evolves

            • NextHype

              Chill out Muhammad dude!
              You’re too serious.

              My opinion is never needed, as your frustrated comments born from your (temporary I hope) lack of finances.

              But we’re all here virtually discussing and that’s funny as fun ?

            • Muhammad Yasir

              i’m not frustrated, come on ! this is exactly what i find so repulsive, you labelling me and all

              but fine … whatever

              peace out

  • joe mont

    I hope they shrink the bezels and keep the smaller price tag of the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3.

    • NextHype

      and use a real SoC