Chuwi LapBook Air to Feature 8GB of RAM and 128GB Storage

As we’ve learnt in past articles, Chuwi’s LapBook Air will be a super slim one with a thickness of just 6mm in the thinnest point and weigh 1.3Kg total. The laptop will also feature a fully laminated 14.1-inch IPS display with Full HD resolution and 320cd/㎡ brightness, with the external aluminum body looking a lot like an Apple MacBook.

But aesthetic aside, what do we know about the internal hardware of the Chuwi LapBook Air? Well, according to the latest details revealed by the Chinese company, on the laptop we’ll find 8GB of RAM, which is definitely more than what we can find on other equivalent laptops on the market that top at 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

Are 8GB of RAM really necessary though? Maybe. While you can definitely live with less than that, having more RAM is always preferable. It allows you to run more programs at the same time without having you worried of reaching the limit and slowing down the system.

If for example you use programs like Photoshop, having more RAM will be important; same situation if you like opening dozens of tabs on Chrome, which take more RAM than you might think. So, Chuwi is doing well in pushing 8GB of RAM, hopefully making it the industry standard even on lower priced Chinese laptops.

Other than that, Chuwi also announced the LapBook Air will come with 128GB of storage and support M.2 SSD expansion, so you could always speed up your PC if you want to. It’ll feature a backlit logo and keyboard as well.

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Overall the Chuwi LapBook Air seems to be very promising, but we’ll have to wait to learn how much it’ll cost before celebrating too much. What do you guys think?

Learn more about it on the official website, once it comes out.

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