Oppo Claims The R11 Is Already The World’s Best Selling Android Phone

If we were to ask you which Android phone is the best selling around the world which would you say?

Nestled in my inbox today was a Press Release from Oppo. That’s not all that surprising, but the content in the Press Release did actually come out of the blue.

Apparently, a company named Market Pulse has made a study of the best selling phones for July 2017 and the results suggest that the Oppo R11 is the best selling out of the lot!

Now we’re not 100% sure where Market Pulse is getting its information from but the claim is an interesting one especially when you consider the R11 has only been on the market for 2 months and that it’s only officially available in a handful of countries!

If that wasn’t enough good news for Oppo’s investors then the additional information that the 2nd place spot is currently held by the Oppo A57 should put a smile on their faces and a few more $’s in their pockets!

What do you make of this news? Are you surprised that the Oppo R11 is currently the top selling Android phone in the world?

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