Meizu M6 Shows Off New Classy Metal Body

After specs of the Meizy M6 were revealed last week we were left wondering what exactly it will offer over the M5, perhaps this leaked photo tells us.

In just a few days time, 3 days at the time of writing, Meizu is set to launch a new smartphone, but this time it won’t be a credit card worrying flagship but rather one of the most affordable Meizu phones manufactured to date!

In new leaks that include the above photos, the body of the new Meizu M6 has been revealed and rather than using the usual polycarbonate shell we’ve seen on budget Meizu’s of the past, the M6 is using something a little more upmarket.

Looking at the photos it looks like the entry-level Meizu M6 get’s a hefty build update and used an alloy chassis that are usually more common on more expensive smartphones. Like Meizu phones further up the range, the M6 also looks to use curved antennas molded into the body itself.

This rear photos also confirm that the M6 will retain just a single cameras and the lack of rear fingerprint scanner tells us that Meizu’s mTouch secretly system will be implemented on the physical home button to keep your data safe.

The Meizu M6 will be unveiled on 20th September where we expect the phone to come with a 5./2-inch HD display, Mediatek MT6750 chipset, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and a retail price of around 799 Yuan.

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