Speed Test: iPhone 8 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 8

On the GeekBench scorecard, iPhone’s Apple A11 Bionic chipset completely defeated Android in both single and multi-core benchmarks. However, GeekBench benchmark is not the best way of comparing smartphone performance. Here, we show a speed test between Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

One of the numerous ways of accessing the speed of a smartphone is multitasking because most smartphone users NEVER perform one task at a time. With the numerous apps, games and web pages which are available for a visit, you can be sure that on each smartphone, more than one of these is active at the same time.

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Here is a head-on collision between iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8. Note that iPhone X uses the same chip and has same RAM size (3GB) as iPhone 8 Plus while the Note 8 sports 6GB of RAM.


It appears that Samsung’s UFS memory is at the same standard as Apple’s NVMe. iPhone 8 Plus seems to be a bit faster in app launch but it slows down during relaunching, probably due to its small RAM size.

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