Nokia 8 Retains Nokia’s Legacy

nokia 8

Different smartphone brands are known for certain qualities and for a long time, Nokia phones come with a solid build. However, a curious question is “does the new brand Nokia Android smartphones still retain this build?” Nokia 6 was quite impressive when it was subjected to a durability test thus accessing the new Nokia 8 wouldn’t be a bad idea.

A YouTube video from JerryRigEverything channel shows this flagship device withstanding multiple durability tests. Watch the video below

Starting from the negative, Nokia 8 which uses anodized 6000 series aluminum back cover is resistant to key and other light metal scratches which would initially leave a mark but can be cleaned off but a razor blade or a knife will leave some real dent to the rear of this smartphone. This is about the only negative side to the build of this flagship smartphone.

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The screen of this smartphone is super solid. With Gorilla Glass 5 in place over the IPS display, the screen is completely resistant to scratches from keys and coins, however, since glass isn’t invisible, a screen protector is always relevant.The Home button and the front camera is protected by the Gorilla Glass 5 thus no damage happens from a knife. When subjected to a flame test, the screen lasted for about 10 seconds before a black patch appeared on it but with an IPS LCD, the pixels came back to life after the heat was removed and the black patch disappeared.

Nokia 8


The entire rear camera section (which also features the LED flash) is overlaid by the glass, so it won’t scratch as easily as if it were plastic. In addition, this smartphone is IP54 certified which means that light rain or water splashes won’t have any effect but sinking it into a bowl of water will kill the phone.

Like I mentioned earlier, Nokia used an anodized 6000 series aluminum for this phone which Apple gave up for the 7000 series because its phones were always bending. Metal strength is just one of many parameters that determine how durable a metal would be on a smartphone. The metal shape and construction plays a huge role in its durability. The Nokia 8 flagship smartphone didn’t show any sort of flexing when pressure was applied from the front and behind. From this, we can safely conclude that Nokia 8 still retains Nokia’s legacy.

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