Most Smartphone Users Spend A Whopping 5 Hours Daily On Their Devices

Technological advancement is consistently increasing and the applicability of smartphones has skyrocketed due to the much-increased features that many smartphones now have. Decades ago, a phone is just meant for making and receivingĀ calls/text messages but today, our smartphones are practically our PC, TV, camera, wallet and so on. A new study carried out by Counterpoint Research reveals that aboutĀ half of the worldā€™s smartphone users spend at least 5 hours per day on their smartphone. Do you spend this much time on your smartphone daily? Moreso, the research shows that smartphone users spend much more time on their smartphones than they do on any other device.

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In addition, Counterpoint’s study reveals that out of every four phone users, one spendsĀ over 7 hours on her device per day. Smartphones are more important to Malaysians as over 55% of them spend over 5 hours daily on theĀ phone while the Japanese are the least concerned about smartphones as 43% of them spend less than 3 hours daily on a phone, the research states.

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With respect to usage,Ā Counterpoint research shows that 64% of smartphone users are surfing the internet while 62%Ā use it for gaming. In some parts of Europe and Asia (Germany & Japan), voice calls are still the preferred method of communication while in Africa and Asia, messaging via the likes of WhatsApp and WeChat is quite big. Well, smartphone upgrade isn’t that popular amongst users as the study shows that an average smartphone user updates her device once in about two years. This is not always as a result of mere negligence on the part of the user as it is sometimesĀ due to lack ofĀ update. The JapaneseĀ upgrades their devices every 26 months making them the least concerned about phones upgrade while the MexicansĀ upgrades every 18 months which makes them the best concerned in terms of an update.


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What do you think about the report by Counterpoint? Do you think there is a flaw somewhere or the research is notĀ truly a global study? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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