ZTE will prepare a sequel to the highly successful Axon 7 model

If you’re (or were) a fan of the highly successful “Axon 7” model during the past year, then maybe you’re in for a treat, as the Chinese company (ZTE) plans to launch soon a successor to the specific model.

zte axon 7

ZTE USA (Twitter account) wasn’t very specific on this upcoming model’s specs and features but a spokesperson of the Chinese mentioned that:

“there will certainly be a follow on the incredibly successful Axon 7.”

In case you missed it, the ZTE Axon 7 debuted in the United States back in 2016, offering truly premium features at a slightly lower price than other flagships available on the market. The price might have been a major factor that influenced the Axon 7 sales, so, hopefully, the Axon 8 (or whatever its name) will be priced competitively as well.

Rumors suggest that we could see this new Axon flagship in early 2018, probably during next year’s CES 2018, or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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