OUKITEL 11.11 Shopping Carnival Begins – Up to 33% Off


As Chinese’s single day approaches on November 11th, online stores and electronics manufacturer prepare some special deals and gifts for their customers. Today, we have a look at what OUKITEL has to offer to its loyal fans (or soon to be ones) with hefty discounts on 13 of their best selling devices, going from as low as $54.89 to $218.99. Let’s check them out!



As most of you GizChina readers will know, OUKITEL are quite famous for their “K” lineup of battery phones, each of which sports the capacity mentioned in the moniker. So, for example, an OUKITEL K4000 Plus will come with a 4000mAh battery, a K5000 with a 5000mAh a K10000 Pro with a 10000mAh battery and so on, the only exception appears to be the OUKITEL K3 that instead sports a 6080mAh battery.


We then have smartphones coming with the “U” prefix, such as the OUKITEL U20 Plus and U22, both featuring two rear cameras, and the U11 Plus and U16 MAX coming with larger displays. Finally there’s the “C” series, which is where we find their entry-level devices like the OUKITEL C8 and the best selling C5 Pro.

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OUKITEL U11 Plus presale

As for the 11.11 promotion, down below we have a list of all the devices on sale with their relative prices.

  • OUKITEL K3 $139.99
  • OUKITEL U20 Plus $68.99
  • OUKITEL K4000 Plus $84.99
  • OUKITEL OUKITEL U22 $68.99
  • OUKITEL K5000 $131.99
  • OUKITEL U11 Plus $144.37
  • OUKITEL K6000 $158.66
  • OUKITEL U16 Max $125.40
  • OUKITEL K10000 $131.24
  • OUKITEL K10000 Pro $174.41
  • OUKITEL C5 Pro $66.55
  • OUKITEL K10000 Max $218.99
  • OUKITEL C8 $58.49
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Oukitel K3

Learn more about OUKITEL’s 11.11 flash sale event on their official website.

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