Elephone S9 to feature an USB Type-C port and QC Support?

Elephone S9

Elephone are slowly but steadily dropping pieces of information about the upcoming Elephone S9 flagship phone every other day. Let’s see what the company has revealed today!

Elephone S9

Well, as you could have read in the title, Elephone today confirmed that the successor of the popular S8 will be packing an USB Type-C port at the bottom. You can also have a first look at it in the image above.

Elephone also stated the the S9 will be supporting Quick Charge technology, but that’s not surprising as we’re talking about the phone that’s allegedly coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. In addition to that, the Type-C port will bring fast file transferring with speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Elephone S9

From previous articles we also know the Elephone S9 will feature a breathing rear logo as well as a dual curved display, like the one you can see above, a mirror-like lumia back cover and two rear cameras.

The Elephone S9 does sound like a really promising device from all the details we’ve learned this far. Do you guys agree? Let us know down below!

You’ll find the latest about Elephone phones on their website or Facebook page.

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