Ready for the wireless charging with a cheap Qi vertical stand ?

wireless charging

Surge of popularity for the wireless charging technology with the Qi standard can be surely attributed to the new iPhones supporting this feature. It’s still slower compared to the traditional wired charging, but the comfy usage and hassle free handling is gaining more and more fans. So now all the future flagships will at least be considering packing such tech.

And today we have for you quite a nice vertical charging stand supporting the Qi wireless charging standard and even the QC2.0/QC 3.0 fast charging protocols. With dual charge sensing coils  and all the overvoltage and temperature protection and similar stuff it’s really as hassle free as you can imagine. It also has silicone rubber rings to prevent the phone from sliding so no worries about keeping the phone in place either.

With the coupon code OV3622 you can get the Qi vertical wireless charging stand for just $14.39 / 12.09€ on the Cafago e-shop. The coupon is valid until December 20th so it can be for example a quite nice Xmas gift too for somebody with a modern phone supporting the wireless charging.

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