Is the Vernee Active going to be the best looking rugged phone ?

Vernee Active

The upcoming Vernee Active model will be the first time the chinese brand is dipping their toes in the sea of rugged phones. And because they want to be unique at every cost they have designed the phone not in the usual “rugged” rubber tanky way. It looks more or less like a conventional flagship smartphone and will be the first rugged device with a 3D curve design.

Design is pretty important to Vernee and the 5,5-inch screen with the 3D curve glass is playing a big role in that. Putting 3D glass on a rugged phone is a pretty bold move, because it needs to be very carefully designed and crafted so it can withstand the abuse and rough treatment expected for this line of phones.

But Vernee are pretty confident they managed to create really a great looking device with all the necessary rugged elements too, so no cutting corners there. The Active is sporting the IP68 certification so it can stay under water in 1.5m depth for 30 minutes and features 99 % dustproof protection.

The back case is also using Kevlar material with military level standard so it’s very sturdy, shockproof and resistant to scratches. So the Vernee Active is really aspiring to be the full package, which you won’t be afraid to use as a go-to phone for all the usage, bussiness, personal or even outdoor. So do you think Vernee Active will be the best looking phone in the market ?

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