MIUI: Want To Extend Your Battery? Try These Few Tricks

Most smartphone users will agree that there are times where we desperately need to save our batteries for one purpose or another. We may be in a situation where we have only 15% left and charging is not possible for some reasons. There are some conventional methods of battery saving such as turning off the mobile data, WiFi, GPS, the closing of apps, setting the brightness of the phone to the lowest, using a 2G network, turning on MIUI battery saver and others. But there are some methods that will save your batteries even more than these traditional methods.

Close Vibrate on Touch

We have all noticed that little vibration that our smartphone produces when we tap on certain items. In as much as this feature can come in handy, it comes at a cost. It is a massive battery drainer. To disable this feature and save a whole lot of power, go to “settings” and click on “sound and vibration” then click “vibrate on touch” and select “off” for a better battery life.

Disable Sync with Mi Cloud

Each time we browse the internet, our data collection are backed up by the Mi-Cloud service which allows us to “manage data and devices anytime, anywhere”. There is a constant background synchronization between devices and web servers which is also a battery killer. However, this feature can be disabled. Just head to “settings” then click on “account section” then “sync” and toggle it Off. 

How do you like these simple methods? Do you have other options? Leave your comments below.

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