Microsoft’s new patent suggests a Surface foldable tablet

The rumors of a newest Microsoft folding tablet are gaining force in the recent months with leaks and clues suggesting the US company look towards the new concept. A new document was listed in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) website putting more salt in the rumors.

The listing brings the latest pictures of Surface folding tablet, the unit folds from a tablet with a large screen into one with two smaller OLED panels. The phone also brings phone capabilities, confirming earlier rumors of a mixture of handsets in a whole new Microsoft device.

The pictures also show us a mechanism that allows the device fold. The mechanism are all on the top and the bottom of screen and a number of magnets on both sides of the tablet will help the device to fold.

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Different setups will be achievable by the folding handset, as the standard tablet mode, tent mode, notebook mode and folded mode. According to recent reports the referred Surface handset will run a specially made version of Windows 10 with a custom Windows Shell that adapts depending from the mode, the custom Windows is codenamed as Andromeda (seems like a trending name, huh?).

For now there is no word of when or if the handset will actually see the light of days, all we have are patents, documents and rumors. Microsoft’s attempts in the folding tablet scenario has a darken past from a whole different era, when the company had a bad experience with the Microsoft Courier.

We are yet to see if this new handset will see the light of day or will be turned in another scrapped project from the US giant.

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