AllCall MIX 2 will be Featuring Fast Charging Technology

AllCall Mix2

Most users pick a device based on its processor performance, amount of RAM, display quality and battery capacity. But as we all know, having a big battery is only part of the story, this crucial component also needs to get charged quickly when possible to take full advantage of it. That’s why AllCall are apparently working bringing this tech onto the upcoming MIX 2.

AllCall MIX 2

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In general, we find some sort of fast charging on flagship devices, such as the Samsung S8/Note 8 series, OnePlus phones and other handsets featuring the more powerful Qualcomm CPUs and thus Quick Charge technology. Meanwhile cheaper devices usually rely on more ordinary charging speeds, unless we talk about the AllCall MIX2 which – as we previously mentioned – will be featuring fast charging.

AllCall Mix 2

We still don’t have the full details about the technology we’ll find on this phone but the company promises we will see a big improvement in battery charging times compared to devices without the feature.

More info about the AllCall MIX 2 will be found on the official website when available. Stay tuned!

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1 Comment

  1. Todd Allan Olynyk
    December 28, 2017

    If everything that is being reported about this upcoming phone is true and not another photoshop job then AllCall is going to have my money…just bring it out quickly please.