Some Units of Galaxy Note 8 Becomes Problematic When battery Hit 0%

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Samsung Electronics is one of the major manufacturing giants in the world today but in recent times, the company has been hit by some unfortunate incidents. Recall that sometime last year, the Galaxy Note 7 battery went up in flames which forced the company to recall the device at a huge cost. About a month ago, Samsung released the Tizen 3.0 OS to the Gear S3 and this was expected to be a revolutionary update to Gear users but it wasn’t. The update came with a bug that made the Gear S3 battery run down at an alarming rate alongside other issues and the company had to work on a revised update a couple of days later which is currently rolling out now. There are also several reports of some units of Samsung Smart TV’s experiencing overheating which leads toĀ melting of screen corners in severe cases. Now, there are several reports that some units of SamsungĀ GalaxyĀ Note 8 wouldn’t turn on or charge once the battery drains to 0%.
As of now, it is not certain how many units are affected but Samsung is aware of the problem and the company is offering a replacement to the affected unitsĀ on aĀ caseĀ perĀ caseĀ basis. From all indication, this issue is not a simple one as customers have tried everything to no avail. The only advice here is toĀ return the device for a warranty replacement unit. Samsung note 8 units fromĀ VerizonĀ Wireless, T-Mobile, andĀ SprintĀ have all reported this problem. If you have the Galaxy Note 8 and have experienced this issue, share yourĀ experience with us in the comments section below.
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  1. Assefa Hanson
    December 28, 2017

    This company is so bad I swear, just last night my friends mother got an s8 from her new company and passed down the older s6
    His mother only used the phone to text and the s6 now is stuck in a bootloop smh Samsung quality control and software development is so poor and is bad long term you can especially notice if you buy many brand phones