Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Renderings: To Launch In 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has not been launched yet, and we even haven’t seen any renderings concerning it, there are some geeks decided to create the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 renderings. Moreover, they are titled with words of 2020, which hints at the release time of this model. We understand we should focus on the ninth-gen model more rather than a phone that should come after two years, but we can take a glance at these renderings and make some assumptions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As you can see, the author thinks the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will use a full-screen design. But it will sport the iPhone X’s bangs look. Probably, the author thinks Samsung won’t be able to develop some innovative technologies like Xiaomi to hide the camera sensors as well as the rest of sensors under the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

However, these renderings of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 show the manufacturer will adopt the under-glass fingerprint identification technology and use it in this model. This sounds quite possible because the first smartphones with this technology will be announced at CES 2018 and/or MWC2018 by VIVO.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As for the rest of design elements, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will still use a 3.5mm audio jack to connect headsets, but there is also a USB Type-C port for faster data transfer and charging. On the back, the phone carries a dual-camera module paired with a LED flash.

If summarizing, according to these renderings, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will continue using the trendiest features of current flagships. But the truth is the smartphone market changes very quickly, and most likely most of these features won’t meet a high demand in two years.

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