PISEN LED Color Power II 10000 mAh review

PISEN is once again back here with us, and this time they chose something much more portable, nice looking and… quite impressive! Meet PISEN LED Color Power II 10000 mAh, one of the smallest and lightest 10000 mAh power banks out there – and yes, it has the digital display we all loved from previous models.

PISEN has a significant history in this market segment, as they managed to become a smart technology provider with leading global sales to over 200 million customers. For more than ten years, Pisen, known for its stable performance and user-friendly designs, has provided satisfying products for customers from 35 countries and recently they were kind enough to send us their elegant, slim power bank, known as LED Color Power II 10000 mAh that can be found available at a price of just 23.99$.

So, how did it go – apart from being a great addition to our Christmas decorations in the house, due to its bright China Red color? Let’s see!

PISEN LED Color Power II 10000 mAh power bank – Technical Specs

  • Color: China Red
  • Weight: 251g
  • Charging time: 6~8hours with 5V-2A charger
  • Battery Capacity(mAh): 5000 x 2
  • Battery type: Li-polymer Battery
  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Dimension: 154x74x13mm
  • Output: 5V=2.4A (MAX)
  • Input : 5V==2A

Main features

  • High-density lithium polymer batteries, Dual USB output.
  • USB smart-control and charging/discharging chips, multi-layer circuit chip protection.
  • Aluminum metal case, CNC machining and sandblasting technology ensure impeccable smoothness.
  • With up to 2A fast charging, it intelligently adjusts power output to safely charge each connected device.

Impressive capacity at a minimal size

Its main feature is the 10,000mAh capacity, that can provide enough charging power to fully charge one iPhone 7 for almost 3 times, a Galaxy S8 flagship for more than 2 times, with fast charging support were needed.

In contrast to what one would expect from such a heavy duty power bank, this LED Color Power II model is very easy to carry around, placing it easily inside your back pack, a suitcase, or a pocket if you must. It weighs approximately 251 gr and it’s made out of aluminum and some parts plastic. As I normally do with all my power banks (yes, I get a lot) I place them inside my back pack, that has an external USB port for direct charging my phone – when necessary- and this way it’s not causing any issues when travelling or walking in the city.

During the holidays I used it once during a Xmas walk in the country side, placing it inside my jacket’s pocket. I have to say that it didn’t bother me at all, and I still had all the energy I need during the day.


This is something that can surely be a “lifesaver” in case of… need. It comes with Dual USB Ports (2A+1A Output), that are able to detect your device intelligently and deliver the optimal charging (Up to 2,4A Max). 

Gizchina News of the week

This means that if your phone supports charging up to 1A/1.5A then the PISEN LED Color Power II 10000mAh will regulate the current in order to charge the phone safely. If on the other hand there’s a device that can withstand up to 2,4A (MAX) of charging, then you will get the full charging power of the device.


Yepp, this is a feature I really enjoyed using. The PISEN LED Color Power II 10000 mAh power bank comes with a simple LCD display, that shows you the remaining power in percentage – 1% accuracy minimum. You just charge it up to 100% and then you can have a decent estimate each time on how much “juice” is left inside after each charging procedure.

To activate the LCD display you just have to press the power button on the side for 2 seconds. Don’t worry about energy consumption, as the back-light goes out in 15 Seconds to save energy.

easy to use display, with 1% accuracy


So how do we turn the juice on? Juts connect the power station with your device and power supply simultaneously with the micro USB cable provided (if your phone supports it) or your own cable (Lightning or USB Type-C). When you’re done, long press the power button for 2 seconds to switch the charging & discharging mode freely.

That’s all, the charging procedure will begin 🙂


The battery pack uses exclusive technology developed by Pisen engineers to control its temperature when charging. If high temperatures are detected then it automatically modifies power output to reduce heat. It also has a security feature that can spot any short-circuits and cut-off charging procedure for protection. 

According to the manufacturer, the PISEN LED Color Power II 10000 mAh battery charger provides over-charge, over-discharge, over-heat, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection. This means that in any given situation you will be protected if something might go wrong with a cable, an over-charge of your smartphone/tablet or just a mishap.

Our opinion

With a starting price tag of just 23.99$ this super slim 10000 mAh power bank from Pisen proved to be decent for its money’s worth, fulfilling completely all my charging needs for my smartphone and my ultrabook with one single charge.

It takes quite sometime to charge it with a 2A charger (6-7 hours per average) but then you will be able to use it for several days with no issues. It offers impressive performance in everyday use, quite good quality build (with super-slim aluminum design) and you can find it available in three colors: gold, silver and red.

You can buy the PISEN LED Color Power II 10000 mAh power bank here.

PISEN Official Website

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    This item does not ship to Mexico bad news

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    This item does not ship to Mexico bad news