The Philosophy Behind the Design of the AllCall Mix2

AllCall Mix2

Quite unexpectedly, AllCall’s chairman just confirmed all the rumors we’ve been hearing about the AllCalll Mix2 thus far. Releasing a statement in which he explains the design philosophy that lead to the creation of the phone.

When we started working on this model, we just wanted to design a smartphone following all the latest hot trends, and try to meet all important features in your mindsAllCall's Chairman

AllCall Mix2

The trends he’s talking about include the Full Screen design, which every phone manufacturer is after since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi MIX and Mi MIX2. This kind of immersive display design caters to almost everybody’s taste and it’s a trend that’s going to stick in the long run. With this in mind, the AllCall Mix2 got some upgrades and perfected some details to create a “full screen 2.0”.

Beside the full screen, we have other trends: fast wireless charging and face ID technology. Nowadays, smartphones have become less of a simple communication device and more of a life partner, we really can’t live without our phones and thus we need a safer way to unlock it and a more convenient charging method. AllCall Mix2‘s wireless charging and face ID is set to satisfy both needs in a really affordable way. The smartphone will also be packing the latest Mediatek Helio P23 chip which should bring excellent performance and efficiency.

AllCall Mix2

In conclusion, the AllCall Mix2 will be a full screen smartphone featuring fast wireless charging and face ID technology, thus it’ll meet the company’s initial goal to “create a smartphone that is able to follow all the latest hot trends”.

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