UMIDIGI S2 Lite’s Face Unlock Works Incredibly Well (Video)

umidigi s2 lite

The UMIDIGI S2 Lite was officially announced only a few days back but it already appears to be on its way to become UMIDIGI’s best-selling phone of 2018. The S2 Lite does not indeed only pack all the functionalities of the previous version, but also features a few new nifty tricks and the trusting slogan “born with advantages, built for breakthrough”.

The first “advantage” we have on the S2 Lite is its speed. The smartphone boasts the most updated software along with top notch hardware, which makes it faster than its price competitors in performance tests.

Other than that, the Face Unlock or facial recognition feature of the UMIDIGI S2 Lite is much safer than other companies’. Currently, there are multiple techs carried out to ensure your privacy is secure, which make sure you’re “alive” looking to minimize the chances of someone else using a photo or a videoclip to hack into your phone. As we can see in the video below, the tester held a picture of herself and tough she tried many times, it still failed to unlock the phone.

How does Face Unlock work? Well, the phone recognize your face by remembering your unique features, like the distance between your nose and lips and every other details on your face. The advanced tech “SDK” equipped on the S2 Lite promises facial recognition to be one of the most accurate on the market.

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umidigi s2 lite

The purpose of Face Unlock is obviously convenience and ease of access, so it requires the manufacturer to make phone unlocking as fast as the ordinary fingerprint scanner – which has now been moved to the back of the phone to make room for extra screen space on the front.

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Furthermore, the UMIDIGI S2 Lite rescues people from turning on the light or find the  fingerprint scanner in darkness, as Face Unlock seems to work perfectly in a dark room as well, quite impressing.

umidigi s2 lite

UMIDIGI S2 Lite Giveaway – 2nd Round

UMIDIGI already opened a 2nd giveaway on their official website, here are some details about the contest:

  1. On your social media: Share page”” with slogan “#umidigis2lite, Born with advantages, Built for breakthrough” and list why you like UMIDIGI S2 Lite.
  2. On Comment why you like UMIDIGI S2 Lite(you can just copy from previous post) with link of your social media post.
  3. The most shares and most views will be choosen as a winner.
  4. The winner will be announced on our official forum on 29 Jan.
  5. UMIDIGI will not ask for any payment. Be aware of scams!

Try your lucky and win a totally free UMIDIGI S2 Lite over here. Learn more about UMIDIGI S2 Lite on the official website.

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