Vivo Xplay7 leak reveals 4K Display, 10GB RAM and Snapdragon 845

A few months ago we got a glimpse of what apparently was an internal presentation from the upcoming Vivo Xplay7. On that occasion, the main characteristic presented by the phone would be the zero bezel screen that could reach the 100% screen-to-body ratio.

Today we have been contemplated with another set of leaks, renders, and pictures revealing more details of the smartphone. The referred render arrives in high-quality and surprisingly is very consistent with the earlier leaks.

As mentioned before the renders show what really deserves to be called bezel-less. As the leak suggests, the Vivo Xplay7 could sport a 6-inch display with 4K resolution, however its unclear if the smartphone would arrive with 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratio, considering the high resolution, we would bet on the first. Furthermore, the smartphone would be another smartphone to boast Vivo’s outstanding under-glass ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

In what concerns to specifications, the leaked screenshots show us a PPT document listing the Xplay7 hardware. The leak suggests that the smartphone would reach the gang of premium smartphones packing Snapdragon 845. However what really stands out is the alleged amount of 10GB RAM. Currently, no smartphone is being commercialized with such capacity, and only 8GB models are available on the market.

The whooping amount of RAM would come with two storage options, of 256GB and 512GB, respectively. Again, no smartphone has been shipped with this exaggerated amount of Storage. At the moment the mixed amount of RAM and Storage only serves to rise up our suspicions about this leak reliability.

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All these specs are impressive to not say delightful to any smartphone enthusiast, however, the characteristics of this smartphone are too good and consequently would be too expensive to be true. For now, our main belief is that some inspired and dreamer leaker took these old screenshots to imagine the perfect smartphone. Furthermore, considering the Vivo Xplay6 specifications, we can’t see a reason for Vivo launch a successor with so powerful specifications that could cannibalize the sales of its entire smartphone lineup. In the end, the choice to believe is personal, however, we would advise digesting all this new information with a pinch or two of salt.


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