Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S might be the first SD 845 powered phone

Xiaomi Mi mix 2S

Fresh off its unveiling earlier in December last year, the rumor mill came up with all sort of speculations as to which smartphones will be the first to launch with the Snapdragon 845 SoC. The speculations were widely tilted in favor of the Galaxy S9 and the Xiaomi Mi 7, but it appears as though we might have to cool our heels a bit. A new report from out of China suggests that the Xiaomi Mix Mix 2 successor might end up being the first Android smartphone to launch with the latest chipset.

While its existence has not been officially confirmed, it has been widely rumored that the Mi Mix 2 successor would come in the form of the Xiaomi Mix 2S, and as you would expect, it would only come with a mild upgrade over its predecessor. Nothing much has been revealed about the device, but one of its major highlights should be the presence of the Snapdragon 845 – the flagship SoC that would obviously be a recurring name throughout 2018 when it comes to premium/flagship Android Smartphones.

Samsung has already scheduled a media briefing for February 25 where the Galaxy S9 duo will be unveiled, while a most recent report from China suggests that the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 7 which was earlier rumored to be the first Xiaomi phone to get the SD 845 has been reportedly put on hold till after the MWC 2018.

As for the Mi Mix 2S, we have been told it will launch right before the MWC, and by implication, it is coming before the Galaxy S9 launch. If this turns out as planned, then the Mi Mix 2S by chance could very well be the first smartphone to get official with the Snapdragon 845 on board.

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Recall, that we reported back in 2017 that Samsung had scooped the entire first batch of the Snapdragon 845 processors it had produced on Qualcomm’s behalf, and if such report turns out true, then the chances of the Mi Mix 2S using the SoC would be very lean.

Whatever be the case, we would have to wait till the Mi Mix 2S is made official in about some weeks from today, before then, keep a close tab on us for more timely updates.

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