Apple To Launch A $699 “iPhone X” With LCD Display & Single Camera

2019 iphone

In 2017, Apple launched three iPhones and the iPhone X which came most recently drew more attention. However, this smartphone is also quite expensive as the 64GB version sells for 6296 Yuan ($999) while the 256GB variant goes for as much as 9688 Yuan ($1537). This price tag has discouraged a couple of potential users who do not have a deep pocket to own this device.

Apple has now put the price issue into consideration and the company is interested in launching a relatively inexpensive “iPhone X”. According to the report, this cheaper iPhone will have an LCD display with the same full-screen 6.1-inch design coupled with an aluminum frame and a rear glass cover. However, this variant will replace the Force Touch feature with Touch-Fit and it will be equipped with a single camera thus its lower price. Reports have it that this smartphone will sell for about 4400 Yuan ($699) and it will be mainly for the Chinese market. This product aims to expand Apple’s market share and boost iPhone sales. It is yet to be seen if it will subsequently be released to the international market. In addition, Apple is also preparing a higher spec iPhone X, which uses OLED material. This means that it will be more expensive than the regular iPhone X.

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