Samsung to reportedly ditch its S-Series naming scheme

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The Samsung Galaxy Sx naming scheme has been around for 8 solid years now, starting with the Galaxy S in 2010 through Galaxy S7 and continuing with the Galaxy S8 in 2017. The latest in the series – the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are both due to be replaced, and Samsung has announced that it will dropping a successor( the Galaxy S9 and S9+) to the S8 duo come February 25th. But according to a source from Korea, the S9 duo may be the last we might see in the S series as the company plans to adopt a different naming scheme to at least conform with the present day reality.

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The source has it that the 10th generation of the ‘Galaxy S series’ which ordinarily should be called the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get renamed as ‘Galaxy X series’ from 2019. The plan becomes necessary as the company wants a simpler naming scheme to avoid having unusual names such as S11 or S15 in the future. The plan could also be a calculated attempt to better place the company in a position to compete with its greatest rival -Apple who may well have changed its iPhone naming to the iPhone ‘X series’.

Whatever the true motivation behind the change in naming scheme is, it is worth noting that the Company will continue to improve on the Galaxy flagship smartphones, but will adopt a different name if this report turns out to be true.

For now, we would have to wait until February 25th when the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled, just maybe Samsung will drop a hint on its plans for the next Galaxy phone.

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