[GizPoll of the Week] What Is Your Preferred Smartphone Screen Size?

From our last week maiden poll, it is clear that despite the customizations and sleek touches to MIUI OS, most people still prefer Stock Android. Out of over 400 votes, 54% voted for Stock Android, 29% for MIUI and 16% simply needs a working and clean operating system. 

In the smartphone industry, there has been a lot of innovations when it comes to the display size of smartphones. A couple of years ago, we had 3.5-inch displays but such small devices have since been obsolete. Now, there is the advent of smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 5.0-inch to above 6-inch. There are a couple of things that users normally consider when choosing a particular screen size

5 Years Old 4-Inch iPhone 5s

The Galaxy Note series popularized larger screen devices as it comes with screen sizes in excess of 5.5-inch and users then suddenly realized that larger displays would contain more content and its video experience is captivating. However, larger screens mean that you either have to operate your smartphone with both hands or you should have the “soft slide” technique to enable you to gain access to the top and bottom of the screen with one hand. Some users find the largeness of smartphones discomforting thus they opt for smaller or average sized display.

5 Months Old 6.3-Inch Galaxy Note8

So, whats your take on smartphone screen size? Let us have your votes in the polls below and if there is anything you need to add, let us know in the comments

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