[GizPoll of the Week] MIUI or Stock Android – Which Do You Prefer?

Welcome to the maiden edition of GizPoll of the Week where our numerous followers will have their say on multiple topics ranging from OS to Apps, smartphones, gadgets, manufacturers and much more. For our maiden edition, we have chosen a very controversial topic which is more like pairing a “father” and a “son” to do battle.

MIUI or Stock Android – Which?

As most of us know, MIUI is a skin built on the Android OS and it is owned by Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi. This OS has been around since the inception of the company about eight years ago and it has grown tremendously. MIUI is usually found on Xiaomi smartphones but the company also offers MIUI to be flashed into other brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, OnePlus, and Nexus. This OS has a couple of personalizations, battery backup and some great features like Mi drop, split-screen function, second space, and many more.

Stock Android, on the other hand, is “super clean” which means that it is bug-free, gets updates on time and it’s seamless to use but these qualities come at a cost. For this OS to stay clean, it is devoid of a couple of customizations. Not until the release of Android Nougat, stock Android never had a restart button, an omission that pissed off many users.

Last September, Xiaomi released its first ever Stock Android smartphone – Xiaomi Mi A1 and this smartphone did so well until the company tried to port to Android Oreo which was sort of a mess initially. Nobody ever thought that a Stock Android smartphone will have problems with updates. There have been no bad reports with regards to Xiaomi Mi 5X which is the equivalent of Xiaomi Mi A1 only that it uses the MIUI OS. Xiaomi recently did a poll between MIUI and Stock Android and this poll was deleted after MIUI embarrassingly lost the poll. I guess Xiaomi didn’t see that coming.

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So which of these OS do you prefer? Would you rather have a Stock Android-powered smartphone or an equivalent MIUI powered device? Let us have your votes in the polls below and if there is anything you need to add, let us know in the comments

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