Former Microsoft Executive: Carriers and Manufacturers were responsible for Windows Phone demise

Many enthusiasts of the old Windows Mobile operating system should agree that personality wasn’t something lacked by the OS. The Windows Phone carried a very characteristic and original UI when compared with its Android and iOS counterparts, the big problem experienced by the majority of users was the lack of specific apps for the ecosystem.

However, not everyone agrees with the above statement. According to the former Senior Director of Windows Phone – Mr. Brandon Watson – The lack of some popular applications was only the tip of the Iceberg. If you’re unaware, Watson was the responsible for bringing most of the popular apps like Angry Birds to the Windows Phone platform, in a race to attract possible consumers for the WP smartphones. While he worked for Microsoft, he was responsible for more than 60,000 apps inclusion in the Windows Phone marketplace.

Mr.Watson left his rest today in order to respond a tweet claiming that the exclusive fault of the Windows Phone failure was the lack of apps. “You’re talking to the wrong guy if you are going to make the claim they (Windows Phone) couldn’t get apps developed. You couldn’t be more wrong,” Watson tweeted. The former executive puts the blame for the OS failure in the carriers and manufacturers. According to him, the lack of support offered by them, was the main reason for the mobile platform big failure, since most of the devices offered by those manufacturers and carriers were “second string devices” and couldn’t compete with both Apple and Google offerings.

“Windows Phone died because it would have been almost impossible to beat Google or Apple without carriers and handset manufacturers embracing it. We got second string devices and almost no support at the carriers. They couldn’t keep burning money to please Sisyfus.”-Brandon Watson, former Senior Director for Windows Phone, Microsoft.”

Brandon’s tweet was just disseminated in the past days following the statement made by the Windows Phone Chief Terry Myerson who put the blame for the platform failure in the Windows CE Kernel, while this may be true for the Windows Phone 7.0 and 7.5, the Windows Phone 8.0 and up used a brand new Windows NT Kernel. No matter the justification, the Windows Phone can be considered one of the biggest failures for the mobile OS industry, with just the former BlackBerry OS taking the lead. However, while BlackBerry managed to reinvent themselves going for Android, Microsoft still needs a plan to get back in the competition with both Apple and Google.

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