Meizu To Release Its First Android Go Smartphone

Recently, a purported Samsung Android Go smartphone hit GeekBench and it will be the company’s first. Now, it appears that Meizu is set to follow suit. Two days ago, Ard Boudeling, Meizu’s head of global marketing, announced on Twitter that Meizu is working with Google to launch its first Android Go smartphone. Android Go is Google’s Android system designed for entry-level mobile phones launched at 2017 I/O Global Developer Conference. It simplifies the current Android system so that it can run on mobile phones with 1GB or less of memory. It is a simplified version of Android O.

According to Google, the Android Go system is mainly composed of three parts: a lightweight system, Google Go series comes with applications, and a Google Play Store designed for entry-level devices. Hardware vendors can configure the entry models through Android Go, they can also ensure a smooth system operation while reducing hardware costs. Unfortunately, Ard Boudeling did not disclose the detailed configuration and price of the Meizu Android Go phone. Considering that it is an Android Go phone, the configuration is most likely entry-level and such phones are usually not above $200.

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