MIUI Inching Closer to Stock Android?


Since Xiaomi is now a part of the Android Developer Preview, users of the Mi Mix 2S can now get their hands on the beta version of Android P from the official website. Judging from some of the pictures that have been posted online, it seems like MIUI is slowing moving towards the design methods of stock Android.

The images are proof that a major overhaul is in the works for MIUI users. Starting from the lock screen to the recent apps screen, everything has undergone a massive change. The lock screen retains a majority of its previous design but has small tweaks here and there. The notification drop-down on the lock screen has rounded corners as opposed to the sharp rectangular boxes. The volume control bar is now on the side and almost has a screen of its own. The recent apps screen has the most changes in the Android P preview. Instead of the previous card structure, it now has a 2 x 2 card structure with split screen option on the top left and memory stat up left.

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The design has significantly become softer when it comes to the looks as compared to the current build. Honestly, these changes look quite great, especially the new recent apps screen. These features are hugely inspired by the shift in the design of the display panel. Manufacturers are now opting for curved edges on their screens instead of rectangular corners. A change in the UI was also imminent as it gives a sort of seamless look to the whole device. MIUI seems to have taken some cues from Android P and implemented them in their own version of the same and they seem to have gotten some things right. We’ll know for sure when the actual usage statistics are revealed.


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