Tired of cleaning ? Get the Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2

Xiaom Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2

The technology in general is supposed to make out lives easier, right ? And well in some cases it surely does, but don’t ask such question to your grandparents or you will hear the tirade about complicating your life with all those unnecessary phones and computers. But cleaning ? That’s surely a consensus yes in favour of the technology, just like the Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2.

The second generation of this robot vacuum cleaner is building on the strengths of the predecessor, but you also expect a 2 in 1 Sweep and Mop function for some mopping action. Of course once again equipped with the LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) scans for the object avoidance and intelligent cleaning route planning, three dimensional vacuum cleaning system with 2000Pa super suction, big 5200 mAh battery, app remote control and tons of other nifty features.

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You can get the Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2 for example from the wares of the Lightinthebox e-shop using their EU warehouse and forking out $422.49/€372.64. All the shipping charges and tax fees are already included so make your home chores easier by getting this handy gizmo.

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