Why Chinese Smartphone Brands Can’t Remove Chin From Their Flagships?

Xiaomi mi 8 chin

All smartphone vendors have already launched their own full-screen smartphones. But this design style has various options. Huawei mainly uses a traditional full-screen design retaining both the forehead as well as the chin. Xiaomi and a few companies use a tri-bezel-less screen technology. And finally, there are myriads of manufacturers that are copying the iPhone X’s design of the bangs screen. But none of them can imitate this phone fully. Yesterday, the VIVO NEX was officially released. Its screen ratio is 91.26%, which makes it rank the first. But even this ‘genuine’ full-screen phone has a chin.  So it turns out, all smartphones but the iPhone X come with a chin. Many wondered why the smartphone makers, especially, the Chinese manufacturers can’t afford themselves to remove the chin. Not accidentally, the explanation came from one of the most enthusiastic persons in the mobile phone industry, the Hammer Technology CEO, Luo Yonghao.


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As a reminder, he is the one who said the Chinese smartphone market imitates one model, the iPhone X. As for now, Luo Yonghao explains why the Cupertino-based manufacturer could come in with a chin-less phone, while the rest of manufacturers can’t. If a smartphone brand can come in with a phone priced at 8000 yuan ($1250) like Apple, it can remove the chin.

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iPhone X

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His words are not widely understood. So let’s figure it out.

  1. We know Apple phones’ screens are made by Samsung. Thus, it’s Samsung’s ability not Apple’s credit. But the American company can order screens with any shape.
  2. The iPhone X is priced around 8000 yuan, and consumers are willing to pay for it. This simply means Apple can afford itself to do anything that comes to its mind. If the company wants to remove the chin, it will. If it wants to put a notch on the upper side, it can this as well.
  3. The Chinese manufacturers usually come with flagships priced at 3000-4000 yuan ($469-625). This is the fate of Chinese industrialists before they overcame the developed countries’ standards. After all, currently, all foreign phone brands are pushed out from the Chinese market. It is similar to Japan’s electronics industry’s overall rise after the war. It’s a common practice to defeat European and American counterparts in benefit of domestic manufacturers. But until they are able to launch 8000 yuan smartphones, they will depend on R&D suppliers.
  4. The modernization of Asian countries is basically based on learning from the West. Seems it will take hundreds of years to change the situation in the global market. Fortunately, the mission of entrepreneurs is to create wealth and social values, not to change the mind of consumers.
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  1. Cyril Dieudonne
    June 20, 2018

    to create wealth and social values… ahah.. talking about consumerism… funny joke, but really not an educated one.