Xiaomi Mijia Filter Jug Just Went On Sale Today

On June 13th, Xiaomi officially released a new Xiaomi Mijia filter jug on its official website and the first official sale of this product commenced today. This filter jug comes with some relevant features which ensure that we have a germs and bacteria free water. According to the official release note, the Xiiaomi Mijia filter jug can effectively remove residual chlorine, heavy metals, and other microscopic harmful substances as the water is poured into the jug. There is also an LED display which shows the strength of the filter thus you know exactly when to change the filter.

99 yuan!  Xiaomi Mijiao filter kettle on sale: 5 minutes with a pot of water

The Xiaomi Mijia Filter Jug ensures that your water remains colourless and odorless. It uses 7 multipurpose filters to reduce chlorine, limescale, impurities or heavy metals for an odorless and antibacterial water drinking. It is equipped with a high-quality filtering material with LK natural coconut shell active carbon and UK sodium-free ion-exchange resin which produces pores within each grain of carbon, creating tiny tunnels and spaces. Its innovative 360-degree water intake flow is designed to make full use of each grain of carbon filter thus avoiding wasting the material. You can pour in the water without opening the lid. This makes it very easy to use and convenient for pouring water, and it prevents you from scalding the cover.

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99 yuan!  Xiaomi Mijiao filter kettle on sale: 5 minutes with a pot of water

According to official sources, the phenols in volatile water can be filtered by 99%, chloroform by 91%, carbon tetrachloride by 81%, and residual chlorine by 90%.  This filter jug takes about 5 minutes to filter out all impurities in the water.  In terms of price, the Xiaomi Mijia filter jug was launched for 99 Yuan ($16), while three packs of the filter cartridge are also priced at 99 Yuan ($16). This product is already available on Gearbest for $30.66 but it comes with ONE filter. Click HERE to buy.

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