Nubia Z18s Solves Conflict Between Front Lens and Screen Ratio

Nubia Z18s

Nowadays, with the popularity of full-screen smartphones, more and more manufacturers are working hard to increase the screen ratio. However, this also brings a problem, that is, the inevitable conflict between the front lens and the screen. That’s why the bangs have been born. Recently, we see a leaked poster showing the new generation Nubian Z18s will adopt a new solution, using the design of the back sub-screen to replace the front camera.

Nubia Z18s

Recently, SmartPlay published the promotional poster of the upcoming Nubian Z18s. In the poster, it can be clearly seen the screen ratio of the phone is quite high. But what’s more amazing, the secondary screen design is identical to the Russian brand YotaPhone. The only difference is the secondary screen of the Nubian Z18s is a color screen.

On the front side, we did not see the module of the front lens. This simply means the front-facing camera is removed. So when users want to take selfies or make video calls, they just have to turn the phone. As a result, they can use the rear cameras to make video calls or take self-portraits and use the secondary phone for common operations.

At this moment, there is no official confirmation whether the Nubia Z18s will adopt the dual-screen design. But if so, we can write down there are already a few approaches for the issue between the front lens and the screen ratio. First, it’s the tri-bezel-less design adopted by the Xiaomi Mi MIX and Smartisan R1. Second, it’s the approach used by all those handsets that have a forehead. Third, it’s the pop-up front camera design used by the VIVO NEX. And fourth, it’s the lifting structure technology used by the OPPO Find X. Now it turns out Nubia’s approach will be the fifth.

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