ZTE To Pay Maxwell 285 Million Yuan ($43 Million) For Patent Infringement

Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, seem to be going through a very rough time in its history. The company only recently reached a truce with the U.S. government and it had to pay a hefty fine to the tune of $1 billion. Now, a Texas Texarkana District Court has ruled that ZTE had infringed on seven of Maxell’s patents and the company is required to pay $43 million. Maxell claims that since 2013, it has been trying to negotiate with ZTE on patent licensing, but ZTE has refused to purchase authorization though it admitted to using some of Maxell’s technology. Therefore, Maxell believes that ZTE intentionally infringed its patent.

Eventually, the court jury stood on the side of Maxell and the $43 million claim was fully approved. Maxell is a Japanese multinational electronics company with approximately 5,300 patent portfolios, many of which were purchased from Hitachi Optical’s division in 2013. The was founded in 1960 and its headquarter is in Tokyo. It is understood that the relevant patents, in this case, involve image stability, video sampling, audio decoding, power management, pedestrian navigation optimization and so on.

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  1. Johhny John
    July 3, 2018

    Big Bs.

    • Prince_tom
      July 3, 2018

      So, u expect them to go scout free? How will u feel if someone is using ur patent without paying u?

    • Johhny John
      July 4, 2018

      It’s not cool but after being bullied by the American state, now they found another reason to strike ZTE.