Xiaomi to Focus on User needs while Designing MIUI 11

While MIUI 10 is still being pushed to Xiaomi’s wide range of smartphones, there are indications that the development of the MIUI 11 has already started. The MIUI team wrote an article today, detailing what seemed to be a review of the design story behind MIUI 10.

The article, while talking about MIUI 10 also delved into the design philosophy behind MIUI 11. Xiaomi has said that they will work on improving the UI during the development of the next version of MIUI, but this time the focus would be on real needs of the customer. The user interface will not deviate much from MIUI 10.

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The review throws a light upon what Xiaomi might be aiming with the next iteration of MIUI. MIUI was initially tailored for the smartphones having a 16:9 aspect ratio which is now, sort of, obsolete. It did see a lot of changes with respect to UI and functionality when the era of 18:9 smartphones started. Xiaomi is currently deploying a stable version of the 10 to over 33 devices!

The actual deployment of MIUI’s next version quite far in the future, but from the looks of it, the development cycle has already started and we might get to see a beta version very soon. Stay tuned for more!


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