Microwear X2 Bracelet review: packed with features at a very reasonable price

Microwear recently released two new products one of which is the premium Microwear L2 smartwatch, the other is a smart bracelet called Microwear X2 or X2 Plus. Thanks to the company, we were able to review both the smart accessories. Here we share our thoughts about the Microwear X2.

Microwear X2

microwear x2


The Microwear X2 is the company’s first smartband. Unlike the L2, the X2 is more of a round-design wearable although the screen or dial inside is rectangular. Also, the screen itself isn’t touch responsive but you can interact with it through touch via a touch button below the screen.

In terms of design, it is a different product which is unlike the metal-made L2 but is also a lot cheaper. The straps are also made of edible silicone instead of stainless steel. The sporty and trendy look of the bracelet hints that it is made to withstand daily wear and tear and is suitable for sports enthusiasts.

microwear x2

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The Microwear X2 also has IP68 waterproofing like the Microwear L2 which is great for a bracelet that costs nothing more than $32. The highlight of the bracelet is its great battery life due to the smaller OLED screen. The watch’s 480mAh battery can last you 180 days in standby mode and advertised regular use is 70 to 90 days. The battery life on the Microwear X2 is so good, I haven’t had to charge the wearable ever since it came out of the box. The 0.96-inch display is quite bright, has a wide colour gamut, and high contrast.

Microwear X2: Fitness Features

In terms of features, the standout function is blood oxygen as well as blood pressure measurement. This is probably something we missed on the Microwear L2 and it makes the X2 a true fitness companion. The measurements work very well especially the heart rate tracker gives strong clues of pulse. Also, it does measure heart rate in real time so that takes it a step further than the Microwear L2 which doesn’t measure blood pressure levels. Besides, it has all the 8 sports and fitness tracking modes like the L2 including running, riding, climbing, badminton and so on.

If you forgot, it also has a dedicated mode for measuring your performance in intimate moments just like the L2. The running mode was fairly accurate when it came to the accuracy of steps take. However, we didn’t get to try out the other modes like badminton sadly. Still, the amount of options at the modest price of $33 is really great.

Navigation and Smart Features

The navigation of these modes is quite easy. You use the touch-sensitive button beneath the display to scroll between different apps and modes. Once you’re on a particular mode, you use the side keys to enter the app.

The Microwear doesn’t skip on the smart functions of a watch either with notification pushing available. The watch will sync with both iOS and Android phones and give users missed call notifications, messages, and more. Only you won’t be able to receive calls because it doesn’t have a speaker. However, you can’t reply to the notifications on the X2 itself. There are six to seven different watch faces which range from a simple analog style clock to different digital designs. The digital faces display more information like steps, heart rate, date and some display temperature as well.

Final thoughts: You can’t go wrong with it 

The Microwear is mainly for fitness enthusiasts who always want to keep a track of their regular performances but do not want to spend top dollar. For $33, when you’re getting an IP68-rated, health and fitness tracker with so many modes, there isn’t a lot to lose. The smartwatch can be purchased from Microwear at the link below. For more products on Microwear’s website, link to the manufacturer website is above.

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  1. Piotr A
    July 5, 2018

    I got it 2 weeks ago. Be warned: for it’s price you get rather a toy. Measurement of: pulse and pressure has nothing to do with reality. Step counter is just ridiculous – counts x 3. Good, cheap gift for a kid.

    • Kåre Tobiassen
      November 8, 2018

      The watch is very inaccurate when measuring length and steps. Compared with GPS distance measurement, the watch gives an error rate of approx. 15 %.