Xiaomi Launches Yeelight Pro Smart LED Table Lamp at 799 Yuan

Yeelight Pro Smart LED Table Lamp

In May of this year, Xiaomi crowdfunding put on the Yeelight Pro Smart LED Table Lamp, which is known as a smart eye-protecting table lamp with natural light. Today, this table lamp is officially sold in Xiaomi, priced at 799 yuan ($120), which is 200 yuan ($30) more than the crowdfunding price.

It is reported that the Yeelight Pro Smart LED Table Lamp was made by Yeelight that was teamed up with Seoul Semiconductor. Yeelight is the sub-brand of Xiaomi which offers smart lighting solutions. Actually, it is called a smart product not accidentally. The lamp uses SunLike technology, combined with advanced violet LED chip technology and TRI-R phosphor technology. Apart from them, this lamp comes with violet light beads (LED wafer) instead of traditional blue light (LED crystal Element). This reduces the occurrence of excessive blue light that is harmful to the human eye.

It uses 88 SunLike lamp beads, side-emitting structure, uniform and bright illumination while avoiding the problem of excessive brightness and glare. At the same time, the high-precision RC filter is used to convert the AC drive signal which is easy to generate stroboscopic into a gentle DC signal. Thereby, realizing the supply of stable current to the lamp bead, the Yeelight Pro Smart LED Table Lamp greatly reduces the stroboscopic light and avoids eye fatigue caused by it.

The lamp has a circular weight base, a foldable arm, and a mirror-like LED light. The latter is adjustable according to users’ requirements and is certified by Germany’s authoritative inspection agency TUV Rheinland. Its articulated arm is adjustable in height and its LED light type mirror offers up to 650 lumens with a consumption of 15W.  However, the color temperature remains fixed at 4000K.

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The Yeelight Pro Smart LED Table Lamp also supports the intelligent control through Mi Home app. With its help, you can choose various modes such as classroom simulation and tomato work method. More intelligent functions help children to use it scientifically. This is world’s first intelligent eye protection desk lamp.

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