Huawei Honor 10 to get GPU Turbo and AIS in August

Launched back in May, the Huawei Honor 10 is all set to receive the GPU Turbo Tech and AIS (Automatic Image Stabilization) in August via an OTA update. Huawei said that they will start rolling the update on August 3. The phone ahs already undergone quite a few rounds of beta testing in the past few weeks.

GPU Turbo Tech is Huawei’s in house method of graphics processing optimization. The Chinese giant claims that the tech increases performance by 60% and reduces power consumption by 30%. The tech comes as a boon to Hiawei and Honor devices as their native GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) are hardly any competition to Biggie’s like Qualcomm’s Adreno.

AIS is a glorified and tweaked version of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Huawei claims that the tech can recognize whether the phone is held or not in a mere 0.2 seconds with a 98% accuracy. Based on that, framing and exposure will be set by AI scene recognition. This would result in better photos and videos on the Huawei Honor 10.

This update will increase the performance of the already capable Honor 10. It is available in China and other world markets. It has sold over 3 million units in less than two months worldwide. You can checkout the complete array of specs here.


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