Incomplete Buy Page For Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro Appears On Jingdong

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Just last week, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, released the much expected Xiaomi Mi Max 3 which has been making all the headlines in the past days. Prior to its launch, there were rumors of a Pro version which would sport a Snapdragon 710 SoC. Mi fans have asked a lot of questions regarding the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro but the company has not said anything with regards to this version.

However, it appears that the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro may be a reality after all. Jingdong, the largest online retailer in China recently put up an incomplete buy page for the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro. As of now, the page is largely incomplete and it doesn’t give any valuable information besides the name of the device. The image on the page is a smartphone covered with a cloth which may indicate that the store probably doesn’t know what this device looks like. The pricing on this incomplete page is 999 Yuan ($1472). Obviously, this is just a pseudo price as preliminary forecasts believe that this phablet should come with a 1999 Yuan ($295) price tag.

This news has not been confirmed by the company and its authenticity is yet to be verified.

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