ioutdoor Official Store Opening Celebration – T1 Phone for Just $9.9!

ioutdoor store opening

ioutdoor is a company specialized in manufacturing rugged smartphones with an experience of over 10 years on their back. In order to provide a more professional, more efficient as well as more direct user experience, the brand decided to launch their first official store over on AliExpress. Along with a really neat promo that could get you a phone for just $9.9!

For celebrating the new opening store and reward new and older customers, ioutdoor store will indeed hold a 10-day promotion campaign. The campaign will take place from August 1st until August 10th, 2018. During the campaign, every day from 12 to 1PM MSK (2-3AM UTC) ioutdoor will offer 10 units of their T1 phone for sale at just $9.9. The flash activity will last 5 days, 2 pieces limited for every day. After the flash activity is over, price will be increased to $19.99, with a limited number of 100 pcs.

ioutdoor T1

The ioutdoor T2 will also drop to $39.99 from an original $59.99 price tag (for 100pcs only)! After the first 100 units are sold, the price will increase to $49.99, and again only for a number of 500pcs. Which makes it the lowest price online for a rugged phone, so do not miss this opportunity if you were looking for one.

ioutdoor T2

Finally, you can check out and get excited about the upcoming ioutdoor X, the World’s Thinnest Rugged Smartphone, which is expected to launch very soon.

ioutdoor X

You can learn more about the X and other ioutdoor devices over on the company’s official website. Click here to check out the new AliExpress Store.

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