ioutdoor T1 IP68 Rugged Smartphone on Flash Sale at Just $9.9!

ioutdoor store opening

With the dozens of “summer/mid-year” promos around the web in this period of the year, you’ve probably seen hundreds of good deals yourself already. Still, none of them, is perhaps as good as the one phone maker ioutdoor has just announced. You’ll indeed be able to get the ioutdoor T1 rugged phone for just $9.9 for a limited period of time (and pcs) as they celebrate the opening of their new AliExpress store.

ioutdoor are a professional brand specialized in rugged phone production, if you aren’t deep into tougher devices you might not recognize the brand, but they’ve actually been in this field for more than 10 years now. Finally though, thanks to this sweet AliExpress promo, new people will learn about the brand.

Either way, let’s learn more about the phone itself as some of you might be interested in the offer. First things first, the ioutdoor T1 is a great tool for people who love traveling, hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities, where having a phone that doesn’t die on you is quite essential.

ioutdoor T1

The T1 is indeed what we call a “tri-proof” device, meaning it’s waterproof (IP68), dust proof and crash proof (up to 1.5m drop). The phone can also be used as an MP3 or MP4 player, it supports dual SIM cards and even sports a 2.0MP camera. Another important spec on the T1 is its strong signal and FM radio, usually rugged phones get a 28dBm signal, meanwhile the T2 manages to get a 32 dBm. So, even in remote areas, you will be able to get a nice strong signal, which is of course useful for emergency situations.

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Official ioutdoor T1 durability test video:

So, how can you get the phone for just $9.9? It’s actually quite simple. The campaign starts on August 1st and ends on August 10th, in these 10 days the first few buyers daily will be able to get the ioutdoor T1 ($39.99 retail price) for $9.9, price will then rise to $19.99 for the next 100 pieces, and $29.99 for the next 500. Check the image below for more details.

ioutdoor T1

A similar promo will be live for the ioutdoor T2. You can get this $59.99 priced phone for just $39.99 if you’re within the first 100 buyers and $49.99 for the following 500. Click here to take advantage of the promo and good luck!

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