On-Screen Camera For Smartphones Could Launch Next Year


It’s no secret that many companies are trying to develop an on-screen camera which will further increase the display of smartphones. Recent reports suggest that the first camera that can be embedded under the phone’s display may be released next year. If this becomes a reality, the iPhone and many Android competitors will no longer need to use the notch design.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Due to the quest for more innovation and more display area from small-sized phones companies like Samsung and Xiaomi released the Galaxy S8 and Mi Mix which uses a tri-bezeless design. However, in August 2017, Essential Phone became the first smartphone to use the water-drop notch design which was then modified by iPhone X in September. Since then, the notch design has been popularized and it is the easiest way to increase the screen-to-body ratio of a smartphone. Now, OEMs are trying to go a step further by eliminating the notch and replacing it with an on-screen camera.

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According to an unconfirmed report, this camera will arrive next year but it did not say which company would be the first to launch an on-screen camera, but Samsung seems to be the most likely option. As we all know, this Korean company has been developing this technology and it even has some patents. In addition, the company also publicly mocked the bangs of the iPhone X, suggesting that Samsung believes it has a better choice. If this Apple competitor is developing an on-screen camera technology, it is likely to appear in future iPhones. Samsung seems very willing to sell its products to anyone. For example, Samsung produced all the OLED screens used in the iPhone X.

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But that doesn’t mean Apple will accept the technology. Apple has skipped the fingerprint scanner embedded in the display screen, probably because the scanner may sometimes be seen on the screen. If the under-screen camera is also not 100% invisible, Apple CEO Cook and chief designer Jonathan may choose to skip. In addition, the iPhone’s screen groove is not only used to accommodate the camera, but the Face ID also requires 3D sensor support. Whether the latter can also be embedded under the screen is not known. However, this report shows that next year’s Samsung Galaxy S10 will install a camera below the display. This may put pressure on Apple.

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