Google Assistant is now the first bilingual smart assistant

Google Assistant has become today the first smart assistant to support bilingual abilities. At the moment, you can talk to it in any combination of English, German, French, Italian, Japanese or Spanish. The search giant also announced that more languages will be supported “in the upcoming months.”

The company published a video that demonstrates full sentences spoken in each language, to which the Google Assistant responds accordingly. While you can’t mix and match languages at the same time, seeing such support, at the current state is already a big advancement.

Google has been working on this for the past years, in order to make its smart assistant feels more intelligent and natural in coversations. It’s good to see that the search giant is never done with the development of its AI, we wonder how smart will be Google Assistant in the coming years, we will be seeing any iteration close to the infamous movie – HER?

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Google Assistant

Users who constantly use two languages won’t need to activate the support in the settings or through a Switch. Google Assistant will be smart enough to respond accordingly to user requests and habits. The feature will work on smartphones and smart speakers.

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