Pocophone F1 joins the list of flagships tha can’t stream HD video from Netflix, Amazon or Hulu

Pocophone F1

The Pocophone F1 was recently released as a definitive flagship killer. Earlier today, we wrote about how the smartphone is selling well. Although the Poco F1 is close to a perfect VFM smartphone, it won’t be a miracle and still lacks. And here we go again – the Pocophone F1 does not have Widevine L1.

If you’re not familiarized with such technical names, the lack of Widevine L1 simply means that it can’t have acess to HD quality videos from streaming services – On the list we have Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Amazon Video and more.

Widevine L1

Widevine is a DRM vide that ensures a video stream cannot be copied ilegally. There are, currently, three levels, but essentially any stream with 720p or above needs Widevine L1. The phone indeed comes with L3, but it only allows it 540p streaming and that amount isn’t pleasant to the eyes.

More heartbreaking is the fact that Widevine L1 isn’t something that can be simply installed. As OnePlus 5T owners found out, when the company suggested owners interested in L1 to take devices to service center.

Pocophone F1

Before you go out screaming that this is was expected from a cheap flagship like Poco. Or that there’s no magic on its price, we have to bring some bad news. Even the Xiaomi Mi8 a high-tier premium smartphone only comes with L3, to not mention OnePlus 5T, Mi A1 and many other smartphones from Xiaomi and other makers. So let’s not blame Pocophone F1 for this lack.

The major part of average smartphone users won’t care. Anyway, those who enjoy streaming HD content through these platforms will feel a little wretched.

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