Snapdragon 8180 Appears On Geekbench – Its Better Than SD850

Qualcomm chips now support upto 192MP

Qualcomm seems to be interested in making chips for notebooks.¬†The first generation ACPC (fully interconnected PC) using the Snapdragon 835 did not trigger a huge market reaction, and then Qualcomm introduced the 2.96GHz Snapdragon 850.¬†Recently, there were reports that Qualcomm’s¬†high-end ARM chip,¬†initially developed as the SDM1000 will get a new name.¬†Now, a new Qualcomm chip,¬†Snapdragon 8180, just appeared on Geekbench and salient information suggests that this chip is not designed for smartphones.

The chip is dubbed¬†“Qualcomm MTP”.¬†At first glance, this is¬†unusual but if you take a closer look, it becomes clear that this is a first test run of a developer system running Windows 10 on ARM on a completely new chip – the Qualcomm “Snapdragon 1000”. or “SC8180”.¬†Actually, “MTP” stands for “Mobile Test Platform”, which does not necessarily mean a smartphone platform.¬†Since the new chip, which was recently introduced to us as the SCX8180 and was previously developed as “SDM1000”, with a size of 20×15 millimeters, it is considerably larger than its mobile counterpart thus it should indeed be a notebook SOC.

This new chip has a single-core score of 1392 and a multi-core score of 4286. For vertical comparison, the typical running points of the Snapdragon 835 Win10 platform are single-core 911 and multi-core 3278 while the typical running points of the Snapdragon 850 Win10 platform are single-core 1281 and multi-core 3485. This means that on the single-core test, the SD8180 is 53% and 8.7% faster than SD835 and SD850 chips respectively while on the multi-core test, SD8180 is 31% and 23% faster than the SD835 and SD850 chips respectively. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8180 chip uses an 8-core configuration setup. The CPU architecture is expected to be based on the Cortex A75/A76 with a minimum frequency of 1.96GHz.

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Qualcomm will present the Snapdragon 8180 for the first time next year.¬†The earliest manufacturer to use this chip will be Taiwanese PC manufacturer ASUS, which is currently working on a device with the codename “Primus”.¬†However, we do not expect to see this notebook or SD8180 anytime soon.¬†

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