[Deal] Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight Available From $17.99

Xiaomi portable LED flashlight

Xiaomi loves perfection in everything and it tries to bring the words ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’ to all products it designs. Of course, not all of its creations carry its logo and brand. You know, it has myriads of sub-brands. One of such products was announced a couple of months back. The Xiaomi portable LED flashlight is identical to the ZMI PowerBank Mini 3000mAh. We can even say, the latter comes with the same body and hardware without the torch. It’s been made for those who like long trips and small adventures. Everything on this flashlight has been designed with one purpose in mind –to help its owner on various occasions he/she can appear. This flashlight supports 11 modes of adjustable brightness. Plus, it comes with a variable lumen control, which is adjusted by a ring around its body. It allows switching anywhere from very dim lighting to its maximum brightness. Actually, there are many key features that we’ll take a look at below.

Xiaomi portable LED flashlight

The brightness of a portable flashlight may vary from 100 to 1000 lumens. It depends on the conditions and situations you are going to use it. So no need to focus on high output when looking for a flashlight. Of course, it’s good. But it will also drain the battery faster. So when it comes to everyday use, the output range should be below 300 lumens. As for the Xiaomi portable LED flashlight, it can reach a maximum power of 3W and 240 lumens. There is also a Panasonic or LG 3350mAh lithium-ion battery supporting up to 216 minutes of bright lighting. But as we told at the beginning of this article, this is a smart product. The battery supports an intelligent temperature control function that automatically reduces the brightness to adjust the temperature. For example, when the flashlight is turned ON for a long time, it will identify the best brightness and temperature for a safer use. On the bottom, we can find a USB port that can be used for charging other products such as smartphones. Thanks to the 5V/1A charging option it can be used as a regular powerbank.

Xiaomi portable LED flashlight

The Xiaomi portable LED flashlight comes with an aluminum body. It’s very light with a weight of 103.7 grams. Thanks to its weight and dimensions of 120.2 x 25.5 x 25.5mm it can be taken everywhere and used when needed. Thus it’s a little assistant with many useful features. As said, its selling point is the support for 11 modes of adjustable brightness. It’s very useful as different applications call for different lumens and levels of brightness – from close-distance reading to long-range illumination. This also allows the flashlight to provide from 12 to 3.6 hours of use depending on the brightness level. At last, the Xiaomi portable LED flashlight supports an SOS function.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight

The Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight is currently available on multiple stores at different prices. As usual, we provide you with a couple of links for you to make your choice.

Buy the Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight on Gearbest for $17.99


Buy the Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight on Geekbuying for $22.99


Buy the Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight on Lightinthebox for $22.99


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