Face ID 2 is probably the biggest improvement on iPhone XS!

Face recognition on the iPhone X is very easy to use. Whether it is day or night, you can almost forget the step of unlocking your phone. However, there are still many scenes that cannot be recognized by the the phone such as playing the phone while lying on the bed or when the phone is too close to the face. Compared with fingerprint unlocking it is still somewhat inconvenient in some cases. So how will the upcoming iPhone XS improve Face ID?

The three iPhone that will be released tomorrow will feature facial recognition besides two iPad Pros. After one year of optimization in the supply chain, the cost of Face ID has dropped slightly this year. Apparently Apple will optimize the experience of Face ID just like the Touch ID which was much faster on iPhone 6S than iPhone 5S.

The new Face ID 2 may have the following enhancements:

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1. Speed ​​up facial recognition The new Face ID module can realize the face unlocking process more quickly.

2. Allow multiple faces to be entered Touch ID can use five different fingerprints, and currently Face ID can only enter one face information. Starting from iOS 12, the face recognition setting will allow the second face to be entered.

3. A wider angle When the iPhone X is lying on the desktop, we can’t unlock it under normal sitting posture. We must pick it up to unlock it. Face ID 2 may achieve a wider range of face recognition.

It is worth to mention that The unveiling of the new iPhones will take place tomorrow and the naming scheme as a Chinese reports suggests is iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus and iPhone Xc. So stay tuned for the upcoming news.

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